GDI Third Thursday Webinar with Press Play now available on-demand

The GDI Third Thursday webinar for March with Press Play is now available on-demand.

The webinar, hosted on Thursday 17th March, saw GDI’s editor, Luke Smith, talk to Tina Houser, Rich Taylor, and Caitlin Alexander, the Press Play management team.

Within the webinar, Tina, Rich, Caitlin and Luke spoke about the rise of the Press Play platform, the power of music in dating, the impact that different musical genres and interests can have in matchmaking and social integration.

As you’re catching this on-demand, you can still submit your questions to the Press Play by emailing, where we’d be happy to answer your Q&As on demand.

Check out the webinar section of the GDI website, where we’re delighted to say we’ll be joined by The Sauce on Thursday, 21st April. Make sure you register on Zoom to watch live, or you can catch us on demand.