Gen Z Are Spending Their Way Out of Loneliness

Some new reports and surveys have shown how loneliness is a major problem for Gen Z. In fact – Gen Z are prioritising friendships over romantic relationships most of the time, and spending large amounts of money to facilitate them.

The survey of Gen Z came from Business Insider who spoke with 25 young adults members about their social life. All but two said that they now spend more money than they did pre-pandemic on activities and clubs that they believe can help them make more social connections.

For many that is gym and workout classes, for others its art classes, and for some it is paid membership clubs like the Soho Club in New York, which costs a tidy $2,500 a year.

The idea for many Gen Z is that paying for memberships and classes helps ensure that you are more likely to turn up and be invested. This means you will therefore have a more successful time in making new social connections, especially as you are going through a shared experience with the people you are meeting.

Of course, not everyone has the room in their budget to manufacture such expenses, but it’s not always needed. One of the respondents talked about her huge success with social discovery apps such as Bumble BFF. Lema, a graduate student from Portland, Maine told Business Insider:

“To look back at where I was a year ago and to where I am now, the fact that I’m still in contact with this person I met through an app a year ago, then I’m introducing her to new people and she’s introducing me to new people”

Chucking money at the problem can often help – but there are so many social discovery apps out there giving people a new way to make new connections and combat loneliness. Many of them of course do come with premium options that enhance and improve the experience, features that can help increase chances of making connections.

Regardless of how much disposable income can be spent on friend-finding, it’s clear that the desire for social discovery is growing rapidly.

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