Get Involved With Our Twitter Chat At 4pm #GDIChats

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Today at 4pm, we are hosting a Twitter Chat to find out what the industry is doing to verify online daters and make apps safer.

All you have to do is type #GDIChats into the search bar on Twitter to see what others are saying and then join the debate by posting tweets that include #GDIChats.

We will be tweeting numbered questions and prompts to give you some idea of what to tweet about and to keep the conversation going.

And we do ask that you include the number of the question at the start of your tweet just so people know the topic you are referring to.

You can also reply directly to other Twitter users taking part in the chat by @ing them in your tweets – just make sure you also include #GDIChats.

What are we discussing?

The Twitter Chat’s main focus will be on what services are doing to ensure greater user safety and how they are making sure online daters are who they say they are.

We will also be asking questions around why verification is becoming such a big concern for the online dating industry, what new trends there are, and the impact increased verification could have on the industry as a whole.

The idea stemmed from recent moves by dating products to introduce verification systems to their platforms.

Badoo, for example, recently brought in a photo verification system that asks users to upload a selfie to verify it’s them, as well as a selfie request feature to let women ask men for selfies on the app.

Other apps that have also introduced photo verification features recently include Blume and Zoosk.

On the other hand, dating products such as Truly Madly and Stroovy opted to go down the rating route in an effort to let users know how legitimate their online dates are.

Head to Twitter now and have your say with #GDIChats.