Google Changes The Way It Responds To AdSense Policy Violations

Google AdSense

Google is increasing transparency for website publishers on how it responds to policy violations on AdSense.

Based on direct feedback from publishers, Google is introducing new technology for policy violations that changes how it responds to breaches.

Now, rather than removing all ads from a publisher’s site when a policy is violated, Google is now able to stop showing ads on select pages.

This “page-level policy action” is the new default on AdSense.

In a blog post, Google’s Scott Spencer explained: “We’ll still use site-level actions but only as needed. And when it’s necessary, such as in the case of egregious or persistent violations, we’ll still terminate publishers. Altogether, this means fewer disruptions for publishers.”

The second change is that Google is releasing a new Policy Center, which is a “one-stop shop” for everything a publisher needs to know about policy actions that affect their sites and pages.

This will give AdSense publishers transparency on why certain actions were taken, what the violations were, as well as giving page-level action data and step-by-step instructions on how to resolve these issues.

And later this year, policy centers will be rolled out to other publisher platforms, according to Google.

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