Google to Deploy Stricter Checks on New App Developers

Google has announced that it will soon carry out more rigorous tests on app developers before they are allowed to launch a product on the Play Store.

The move is an attempt to combat bad actors, particularly those who make new accounts having previously been banned.

The policy update will also make changes to the way app permissions are handled. Google says permissions should only be granted when necessary for the functioning of app services.

Further. the search giant will look to provide more human interaction on the customer service front. Developers can expect more personalised responses, and an accelerated appeals process.

Their statement, titled “Improving the update process with your feedback”, reads: “(…) we will soon be taking more time (days, not weeks) to review apps by developers that don’t yet have a track record with us.

“This will allow us to do more thorough checks before approving apps to go live in the store and will help us make even fewer inaccurate decisions on developer accounts.”

Google’s annual developer conference, Google I/O, will take place 7-9 May 2019 in Mountain View, California.

GDI is delighted to welcome Google as a sponsor of our June 2019 Los Angeles Conference. In April, we published an interview with Industry Director, U.S. Sales Paul Frantz.

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