Google’s Fast-Loading Mobile Web Pages Get Facebook Support



In October 2015, Google announced the launch of a new kind of fast-loading mobile web page –  Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP).

These web pages aim to speed up the mobile web by enabling websites to build content-rich lightweight web pages that load much faster when clicked on in Google search results.

The fast pages are very similar to Facebook’s Instant Articles, which loads 10 times faster than normal articles, and are currently used by media outlets like CNN, ABC, Fox News and The Washington Post.

This year, Chartbeat said visitors to AMP web pages spent 35% longer on that content than with standard mobile web pages.

And although AMP web pages are currently mostly used by publishers, the technology is also being used to create fast-loading advertising.

Google recently announced that users of AdWords will be able to harness this technology to use AMP pages for their adverts.

And now, AMP has backing from Facebook, which is rolling out support for the webpages as part of its Instant Articles SDK Extension.

The updated SDK lets publishers build content that can be published as Instant Articles, Google AMP and, in the near future, Apple News articles.

According to Facebook, by adding this integration, the custom formats and design such as fonts, colours and captions can be mirrored across all formats.

Facebook’s Partner Engineering Director Piyush Mangalick said: “The SDK already enables developers to easily integrate publishing Instant Articles into their content management systems.

“By supporting a gateway to generate content across platforms, we’re also making it easy for publishers to apply some of the custom styling templates in AMP and Apple News that they have created in the Instant Articles Style Editor.”

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