Here’s What You Need To Know From Apple’s 2017 Developer Conference

Apple WWDC17

Yesterday saw the opening of Apple’s four day developer conference in San Jose, the tech giant putting an end to the speculation and revealing what it has been working on over the past 12 months.

The conference began with an amusing video in which Apple imagined a world without apps, where people are forced to hand out printed selfies, doctors perform face swaps and Tinder becomes a real-life meat market.

Below, we have collected the most relevant announcements for the dating industry made on the first day of WWDC 17.

Machine learning & artificial intelligence

Apple wants to make it easier to run machine learning models on its mobile devices with the release of CoreML, a new software tool kit that speeds up machine learning processes.

The machine learning framework API, which will be part of iOS 11, seeks to make it quicker and easier to run machine learning processes on iOS.

It does this by letting apps process the data locally on-device, rather than sending user information to the cloud, meaning any trained machine learning models developers add to iOS apps will run much faster.

This means apps won’t need an internet connection for the machine learning models to work, and personal user data does not have to be transferred off the device for the insights to be generated.

CoreML is said to support machine learning tools including a range of neural networks, linear models and tree ensembles.

At the conference, Apple said the framework was six times faster than Google’s AI processor.

Augmented reality

Apple is also introducing a new platform for developers looking to integrate AR into their apps.

Calling it “the biggest AR platform in the world”, the kit will enable developers to begin building AR experiences for iOS apps by harnessing the devices’ built-in cameras, motion sensors and processors.

Apple WWDC17

Updated App Store

Another update announced was the overhaul of the App Store’s design on mobile.

The revamped App Store will now resemble Apple Music, adding five main menu tabs at the bottom of the screen – Today, Games, Apps, Updates and Search.

The Today section will function as more of a regularly-updated feed about new apps, showing a daily App of the Day, as well as Game of the Day and The Daily List.

Apple WWDC17

Apple also aims to provide helpful tips and how-to guides for customers, in-depth interviews and lists of “must-have apps and games”.

In terms of your own listing, the new update lets developers submit up to three video app previews and five screenshots, which can now all be localised, so customers in any country can see a customised version of the video.

Apple WWDC17

In addition to this, accolades including Editors’ Choice and chart position will be highlighted, as will in-app purchases and customer ratings and reviews.

Apple’s new-look store will become available with the launch of iOS 11 later this year.

Apple Pay in iMessage

When iOS 11 launches, you will be able to send and receive money via iMessage through Apple Pay.

If you have a credit or debit card added to your Wallet, the update will enable iMessage users to quickly and easily send money to their contacts, or by telling Siri to pay someone.

This money will be deposited in the recipient’s Apple Pay Cash account, and can then be used to make purchases in stores, on the web, or transferred back to their bank account.


Updates to Siri – which according to Apple has over 375m monthly active users in 36 countries – sees the voice recognition technology become more “natural and expressive”, as well as being able to translate English words and phrases into Chinese, French, German, Italian or Spanish.

In addition to this, with Apple’s new machine learning system, Siri will now offer suggestions based on your use of apps like Safari, News, Mail and Messages – perhaps by recommending news stories linked to recent Safari searches.

Business Chat

One interesting development that wasn’t mentioned in the keynote is Apple’s new Business Chat.

This would let businesses chat directly with customers via Messages.

According to Apple,“using Business Chat, your customers can get answers to questions, resolve issues and complete transactions on their iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch.”

Apple Business Chat

These are just a few of the many announcements made at WWDC 17, which included the unveiling of a new Siri-connected home speaker, new iPads and Macs, and a feature that mutes phone notifications while you drive.

You can find out about further hardware and software announcements by visiting Apple’s newsroom here.

iOS 11 is now available as a developer preview, and will released as a free software update for iPhone and iPad this autumn.