Grindr Adds Screenshot Blocks With Wider Security Update

Grindr has introduced three new security features in an effort to make users feel safer when engaging in in-app conversations.

The new tools include the ability to unsend private messages so neither party can see them, and expiring photos that disappear after a set amount of time.

It has also implemented a screenshot block to stop people having their identity and activity exposed, a safety measure that is particularly important in countries where it is unsafe to be LGBTQ.

To go alongside the updates, the dating app has published a Holistic Security Guide in six languages. The document gives detailed information and advice on how to date safely as a member of the LGBTQ community.

Grindr created the guide with the help of several LGBTQ activists and online safety advocates.

Director of Grindr for Equality Jack Harrison-Quintana said in a statement: “We are so proud to introduce these new security features, along with the Holistic Security Guide, as we continue to promote safety and justice for our users around the globe.

“We are grateful for the feedback from users and the various organizations and activists around the world who have helped us to continue improving the quality of life for Grindr users.”

Last month, Grindr announced it was going to donate $100,000 to organisations in the Middle East and North Africa that provide services to support the local LGBTQ communities.

Visit the Grindr for Equality website here.