Grindr CEO Highlights Back to Office Benefits

George Arison, Grindr’s CEO, has shared his thoughts on the company’s new back to office policy. The decision brought controversy after staff members were unhappy that they would have to relocate.

Global Dating Insights shared reports that 80 members of Grindr’s staff had left the company after being given a relocation ultimatum. Staff were asked to relocate as part of a back to office policy, with the engineering team told to relocate to Chicago, while the product & design team were told to move to California, for example.

In a recent blog post, Arison highlighted the benefits and reasoning for the change to Grindr’s work policy.

As part of the company’s mission to become “the global gayborhood in your pocket”, Arison said it was vitally important that the business “be better connected so we can collaborate more effectively, coach and mentor each other, and achieve these goals as a team”.

The new policy, having two days a week in the office, offers a balance of productivity and flexibity, he wrote. In comparison, this policy “offers more leeway than many of our peers’ in-office policies”, Arison highlighted.

“I strongly believe that we need to be together in person on a regular basis in order to have the most success as a business. And from that success we can help change the world for the better”, he summarised.

Marking the first day that staff members return to the office, Arison stated “today does not mark a return to old ways, but rather an evolution into something better”.

You can find George Arison’s full statement on Grindr’s back to office policy here.

Photo courtesy of Grindr. 

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