The HUD App Reveals Redesign

The HUD App, a casual dating platform, has revealed its recent redesign. Together with aesthetic changes, the app has rolled out new features and simplified its UI / UX.

The HUD App is commitment free dating app with over 11 million users worldwide. In a recent LinkedIn post, the platform shared a deck that outlines the key improvements made in its redesign.

In terms of its matching system, the platform introduced a ‘single action button’. This means that when viewing profiles, users no longer have a row of different buttons, but rather a single button that can be held down to see the different available actions.

The platform also introduced three new categories for its feed: For You, Active, and New. The For You category will show more personalised recommendations. The Active tab shows users who are very active but still meet a user’s filtering criteria. The New category is for users who’ve just recently joined.

As a casual and sex-positive dating app, the platform encourages users to be upfront about their sexual preferences / kinks, using The Bedroom feature. However, user feedback highlighted that this needed to be balanced with vulnerability and comfort levels.

Therefore The HUD App redesigned The Bedroom so that instead of having users’ Yes, No’s, and Maybe’s displayed, they can select their top three ‘really into’s’, top three ‘open to’s’ and an infinite number of ‘not into’s’. This helps create a shame-free non-judgemental space, the platform shared.

Upon entering a chat, all the profile commonalities between the two users will now be displayed clearly, including shared interests or similar relationship goals. 

Furthermore users will now have more options with filtering. Potential matches can be filtered by their openness to particular bedroom activities among other things, while existing matches can be sorted by their geographical distance or how active they are on the app.

The redesign was accomplished with support from Paloma, Australasia’s largest & leading venture studio. Read the full notes of The HUD App’s redesign here. 

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