Grindr Introduces Albums Photo Sharing Tool

Grindr has introduced its ‘Albums’ photo sharing tool – a new way to share and unshare private content. Rolling out across the world this week, users may see some albums entering their inbox.

On Grindr, the number of people sharing photos is steadily increasing. In the last year, there’s been a 113% increase in the number of times users send multiple photos, and a 72% increase in the number of expiring photos sent. Through their user research, the popular gay dating platform learned that Grindr users want more authority over the photos they share on the app. People want to be able to share multiple photos with a simple click, and to revoke access just as easily.

With Albums, users can feel more confident that access to your curated content is under your control. 

Album is designed to add an extra layer of control and privacy over a users shared images. They have the opportunity to add a favourite photo from their phone, take a new one, or even choose from previous photos they’ve shared in chat to get started. Album is designed to help matches form deeper connections amongst each other.

When users are on the receiving end of an album share, they’ll be notified in their Inbox through chat as well as in a new Albums area to allow for a streamlined viewing experience. Users also have the opportunity to quietly remove the album from their Albums list, should it not be of interest, and you’ll remove your access as well.

Luke Smith

Luke is the Editor for Global Dating Insights. Originally from London, he achieved a BA in Journalism from De Montfort University, Leicester. An experienced content writer, he enjoys a variety of sports, with a keen passion for his football team, Fulham FC.

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