happn Launches ‘Ready to Date’ Feature

happn, one of the world’s largest dating platforms, is launching a new feature to help reduce the pressure that comes with online dating. The ‘Ready to Date’ tool lets users know when their match is ready to meet offline.

The dating platform explained that the new feature will appear in the conversation page of two users. When an individual feels ready to meet the other offline, they can have this preference registered on the app.

This decision is kept private until the other person also says they consent to an offline date. Once this happens, happn will let both users know they feel the same way and they can go from there.

“It’s too often difficult to take the plunge and suggest to a Single to meet in real life,” explains Karima Ben Abdelmalek, CEO and President of happn. “However, this is the core of our business: we don’t just want to create stories that will take place on the application; we want them to exist in real life”, she continued.

“We also thought about this functionality by implementing an essential notion: consent. Being able to formulate it, or even not give it, anonymously but formally, is an innovation that seemed obvious to us to continue to make happn an application that guarantees to date in complete confidence”, she explained.

This isn’t the first new feature happn has launched this year. In February, the dating app released its ‘Hub’ feature, which enables users to discover like-minded singles and get involved with fun mini-games. 

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