Genie Connections Adopts Facial Recognition Tool

In an effort to all but eliminate fake profiles, dating app Genie Connections has adopted facial recognition tools in its user sign-up process. The platform believes this breakthrough will strengthen trust with its over 80 thousand active users in London.

The platform shares that recent research found the number one ‘ick’ for singles on dating apps is the number of fake profiles that exist. To reassure users that fake profiles are near-impossible on its platform, Genie Connections implemented this facial recognition technology.

During the sign-up process, users have to first upload a selfie, following the specific pose requested. From there, photos that are then uploaded to a user’s profile must be recognised by the software as the same person from the selfie.

“This is a huge breakthrough for us and we have found that our customer engagement is way over average for dating apps, which we put down to the fact that our users feel safe in the fact that we do not entertain scammers”, said Genie Connection’s CMO Katie Knowles. 

Genie Connections is currently raising funds for an expansion into the USA and other major cities around the world. They help to establish real-life connections with their Bluetooth feature that connects users who have passed each other or who have seen each other in real life.

The platform believes its technology resonates with users, with data showing that most Gen Z singles prefer technology to give them a helping hand when connecting with potential suitors.

Another innovative feature on the app is the split-screen swiping display, which prompts users to choose between two potential matches. As a result, male users spend 37 seconds evaluating profiles, where on other apps they tend to spend only 2 seconds. 

You can find out more about Genie Connections on its website here.

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