Hinge Launches New Podcast ‘Dating Sucks’

Hinge is launching another new podcast, that will be aimed at discussing the down-side of online dating. ‘Dating Sucks’ is going to explore variety of dating “pain points” that the Hinge community experiences.

The podcast is hosted by Hinge’s content producer Ilana Dunn, and Jonah Feingold, a romantic comedy writer and director.

They will provide their own perspectives, using insights from users and unique subject matter experts, to help listeners become the most informed daters.

The first episode was released today on all major streaming platforms, with the remaining 11 episodes being released weekly.

Nathan Ross, CMO at Hinge, said in a statement: “It’s important for us to have an ongoing conversation with our community about their dating challenges.

“On ‘Dating Sucks’, our users share their dating issues with us, and we discuss how to resolve them. We’re excited for Ilana, Jonah —our co-hosts who met on Hinge—and our guests to give listeners the fresh perspective that they’ve been waiting for.”

The dating app recently surveyed 7,000 users and found that 94% of respondents believe that dating is overwhelming. Their top 12 woes will be covered in each of the ‘Dating Sucks’ episodes.

Hinge launched its first podcast, ‘Ghost Stories’, in October last year, which featured interviews with users to share their own experiences of ghosting.

Listen to ‘Dating Sucks’ here.
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