Hinge Shares Expert Advice For Dating In 2022 During COVID

New Hinge research has revealed that 6 in 10 singles feel more anxious about finding a partner now, than they were before the pandemic however – thanks to new digital dating trends, such as video and voice notes – 78% of singles feel optimistic about finding a meaningful connection.

To help singles navigate another year of dating drawbacks, Hinge’s UK Relationship Expert, Sam Owen, has offered her advice on how best to approach dating despite rising COVID cases.

Sam Owen sad: “The first piece of advice I could offer is to listen to yourself. If your mind and body tell you that you feel uncomfortable or anxious going out on dates, consider video dating for now. If you feel comfortable and calm, then just get out there and live your life. It’s your life; don’t let others tell you how you should feel about what’s going on in the world or what you should be doing. 

“Secondly, unplug from the unnecessary. There is only so much information you need on the pandemic so after you’ve got the necessary – like whether you can dine indoors – ignore the unnecessary if you want to protect your mental health and thus physical health, too. You don’t need to be plugged into fear. 75% of Hinge UK users are taking steps to invest in their mental health during the pandemic. Unplug from the unhelpful for a mentally healthy 2022 and a great dating journey too.

“Deciding on your preferred strategy is also vital to having a healthy dating experience. Have a plan of action to take the stress out. So for example, if you’re sticking with virtual dates only, it could be: ‘like’ -> text chat -> voice notes -> arrange virtual date -> text or voice note to suggest another date or say goodbye. Virtual dates can be a great option, with over half (57%) of Hinge UK users agree video dates are a great safe way to connect with a match before meeting in-person.

“Be confidently clear with others about how you want to date. Once you have your personal strategy, you can be confidently clear with others about how you’d like to approach getting to know them. If they don’t agree then they’re not a good match for you right now and if they give it some thought and come back to you, then you can see if you still want to. In 2022, more singles will be upfront about their goals from the outset and move on swiftly if people don’t match their dating intentions.

“Remember you should feel free to change your mind. If your thoughts and feelings change, you have the right to change your mind about whether or not you still want to go on that date, want to change your in-person date to a virtual date or your virtual date to an in-person one. 79% of users said it’s important to agree on pandemic safety habits with a match before going on a date. Trust yourself. Listen to yourself. Be yourself.”

The advice from Sam is twinned with the recent research launched by Hinge, looking at their 2022 predictions for dating. The research found that 90% of users are trying to spend less time on social media, and want their dates to do the same. Similarly, 78% of Hinge users say it’s a red flag when someone is too into Instagram. The top reasons users consider it a red flag to be too into Instagram are because it’s a sign that they may be too self-absorbed and it’s a sign of insecurity. In the same vein, 82% of Hinge users say it’s a red flag when someone is too into Snapchat, and the top reason users consider it a red flag to be too into Snapchat is because it creates more opportunities for flirting and cheating.

Read the full research here.

Luke Smith

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