How the Winter Season Changes Online Dating

“Cold weather evokes feelings of wanting to snuggle in front of a fire, cosiness and coupling up” says dating expert Kate Mansfield. But how does this trend affect behaviour on online dating apps?

For single people, the winter season is better for online dating, Mansfield shares. The arrival of cold weather means “more people are available and in the mood for commitment”, she told Manchester Evening News.

Research shows that Bumble sees the highest levels of swiping between late November and mid-February, according to a blog post from the platform.

However, it’s not all good news. The winter season draws people to their dating apps, but away from meeting in person. Poorer weather conditions may lead to social withdrawal, and consequently fewer in-person dates, says psychologist Dr Marianne Trent.

For those in casual relationships, or ‘situationships’, cold weather could bring with it settling and deeper commitment, says Mansfield. But she warns that it will take more than the winter season to turn something casual into a serious relationship.