Intelligence Squared Hosts Dating App Debate


Intelligence Squared recently hosted a debate with the motion ‘Swipe Left: Dating Apps Have Killed Romance’.

Arguing for the motion were Eric Klinenberg, Sociologist & Co-Author of Modern Romance, and Manoush Zomorodi, Host and Managing Editor of Note to Self.

Against the motion were Helen Fisher, Biological Anthropologist, Best-Selling Author & Chief Scientific Adviser at, and Tom Jacques, Vice President of Engineering at OKCupid.

Intelligence Squared framed the conversation with the following passage:

“Every day millions of people turn to dating apps to find love. To date, more than 49 million Americans have given digital dating a try and the companies facilitating these matches are raking in billions.

“But are dating apps really designed to promote long-lasting romance? Apps like Tinder and Bumble make finding a date as easy as swiping right, while digital platforms like and OkCupid use specialized algorithms to help users find the perfect partner, regardless of age or personal preferences.

“Further, a range of niche sites connect people with highly specific interests, whether it’s single parenthood, a gluten-free lifestyle, or a devotion to Ayn Rand. But some argue that online dating is rife with sexism, racism, and misogyny, and that dating apps ultimately create a culture that prioritizes sex over committed and lasting love.

“After all, why settle on one match when there may be someone better just a swipe away?”

The debate was hosted at Hunter College in New York City. It ran for approximately 1 hour 45 minutes.

It features a keynote conversation with Daniel Jones, Editor of The New York Times’ Modern Love column.

Watch the full debate here: