INTO Magazine Traffic Collapses After Staff Layoffs

INTO, Grindr’s online magazine, appears to have remained untouched since its entire editorial staff was laid off in January.

It was once the world’s most read LGBTQ+ news website and peaked at more than 7.5 million visits every month. INTO totalled over 7.3 million hits in the month leading up to the clear out, but the figure plummeted to under 400,000 in April.

No new content has been posted on the platform since 14th January. Grindr claims to be working on creating more video content because of its greater engagement benefits.

According to Social Blade, Grindr’s YouTube channel has received 80,000 more views and gained 1,500 new subscribers since INTO was disbanded.

The gay dating app recently launched a new collaboration campaign with Brazillian drag queen Pabllo Vittar. The partnership will see video content created exclusively for Grindr users who will also receive early access to new music.

There has been speculation that INTO magazine was closed under orders from Grindr president Scott Chen, after it published an article exposing apparent anti-same-sex marriage comments that he’d made on Facebook.

Founding editor-in-chief Zach Stafford defended the decision to publish the article, and commended the professionalism of his journalists. He announced he was leaving the company just over a month later.

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