Iran Unveils State-Approved Dating Platform

The Iranian Government has unveiled a state approved Muslim dating app, aimed at facilitating long lasting relationships from a young age.

Hamdam, standing for ‘companion’ in Farsi, is designed to combat the declining birth date and rising marriage age in Iran.

Users are required to take a psychology test, and provide identification before they begin browsing. When a match is made, the app “introduces the families together with the presence of service consultants”, who will stay in contact with the couple for four years after marriage.

Developed by the Tebyan Cultural Institute, part of Iran’s Islamic Propaganda Organisation, it uses AI technology to find matches for couples who want a single spouse.

Hamdam is now the only state-sanctioned dating platform in the country, with all other services technically being classed as illegal.

Iran’s authorities have been growing more and more concerned about the country’s rising age of marriage and declining birth rates.

The Iranian government are attempting to pass mandate to offer “significant financial incentives” for marriage, as well as encouraging families to have more than two children and limiting access to abortion.

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Luke Smith

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