Listen To Sean Rad Talk Swipe Ventures & AI On Harry Stebbings’ 20 Minute VC Podcast


Sean Rad was a recent guest on the Twenty Minute VC podcast, hosted by Harry Stebbings.

Stebbings is a podcast star and “the world’s youngest VC” who joined venture capital firm Atomico last December.

In the podcast, Rad discusses his new position as Chairman of Swipe Ventures, Tinder’s acquisition and investment vehicle, and what he looks for when evaluating startups from an investment point of view.

Rad says he tends towards the entrepreneurs he categorises as “purists” – those who want to enact a change in the world, rather than those looking for the lifestyle that comes with it.

Stebbings also asks Rad whether Swipe Ventures is designed to ensure Tinder is at the forefront of disruption in its own space, to which he replies: “Absolutely”.

Rad says that the project is intended to let Tinder step back from “solving the problems of today”, to get a broader picture of what the company’s future looks like five years down the line.

A big part of this is ensuring Tinder is either acquiring the next disruptive platform, building it, or investing in it.

Listen to the interesting chat here.