Lumen Launches Group Feature ‘Lumen Social’

Over 50s dating app Lumen has introduced a new ‘Lumen Social’ mode which will enable users to join groups based around shared interests.

The update comes after research by the app found that over 4 million older people in the UK were impacted by loneliness.

In 2018, the UK Government created the position ‘Minister for Loneliness’ to tackle the causes and impacts of isolation.

CEO Antione Argouges said: “From day one, our mission at Lumen has been to create meaningful connections that can genuinely change the lives of the over 50s – be it through love, or simply just through a sense of community.

“At the same time, we know that loneliness amongst this age group is an issue, and as a tech company, we see an opportunity to help tackle this.

“From today, we’ll be rolling out Lumen Social – a feature that enables members to make new friends and meet like-minded people around the topics of Travel, Sports, Home & Garden, TV & Film, Food & Drink and many more to come.”

Last month, the platform launched a new London Underground campaign. It shows naked models holding placards displaying messages such as “Nobody puts Granny in the corner”.

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Scott Harvey

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