LunchClick’s Pokemon Go Singles Events Saw 270 People Come Together To Pokemon Hunt

Dating Go!

LunchClick held three singles events this weekend to bring people together over their mutual love of Pokemon GO.

Dating Go! in Singapore was expected to be a 50 person event, but due to the massive Pokemon GO hype this figure doubled in size, without counting the people who attended the concurrent events in Malaysia and Hong Kong.

Overall, the Dating Go! events, which were held at 2pm on 14th August, saw 270 attendees working together to catch the most Pokemon for their team.

All of this was organised by LunchClick, an on-demand dating app for singles searching for love.

Violet Lim, CEO of LunchClick and co-founder of Lunch Actually said: “We were excited to see the tremendous response to our Dating Go! Event.

“Based on my personal experience, Pokemon Go doesn’t just help to strengthen existing relationships between couples, among families and friends — it’s also a great way to build new relationships as well.

“We hope that LunchClick’s Pokemon hunting event will turn out to be the start of a beautiful love story for some Pokemon Go loving singles out there!”

The event included a selection of ice breakers before singles formed into teams to compete against each other to catch the most Pokemon.

And after 60 minutes of searching, everyone returned to mingle while the votes were counted and the winning team was announced.

LunchClick also recently launched a new Pokemon hunting category under its Propose-a-Date feature to encourage singles to meet offline and catch Pokemon together.

Read more about it here.