Luxy Adds ‘Political Orientation’ Preferences Feature

Luxy, a dating platform that targets wealthy and successful singles, has added a feature which makes it possible to filter potential matches by their political affiliation.

The filter has been introduced to the dating platform as a method of allowing users to find more compatible matches and those who have similar ideologies.

More than 2,900 singles have been expressing their political opinion on Luxy. This includes remarks in the profile bio or wearing a campaign shirt in their profile pictures.

Expressing political beliefs has more than doubled since the beginning of the year when Luxy counted around 1,300 profiles with political messages.

Raffael Krause, a spokesperson for Luxy, said in a statement: “People have diverse political mindsets and we at Luxy noted a risen desire to match with singles who share a similar position.

“While political discussion shouldn’t become a focus on dating apps, Luxy gives its users an easy solution with a filter to find compatibility much faster without possible unpleasant encounters.”

The filters will determine political orientation through Luxy members searching actively for singles who support President Trump, the Democratic opponent Joe Biden or the BLM movement.

It is currently only available for users in the US, but there are plans for other countries to be included by more general filter options further down the line.

Visit the Luxy website here.