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Make Friends Using Man’s Best Friend?

Puppy and dog ownership in the UK has seen a big boom since the pandemic, that’s according to the Annual report by the Kennel Club organization. People’s response to lockdown is a desire to enrich their lives with new furry friends. But if we took a leaf from Canada’s book, man’s best friend could also be the way to a man’s new best friend. 

Pawmates is an app that could be described as Tinder for dogs. It lets doggy owners match, to help them find the best playmate companions, based on breed, age and location, for their much loved pets.

Pawmates, which now has over 10,000 users in Canada and has expanded to the US, was created by Colin Jarvis-Gaum. He set the app up after realizing he was always just hoping that the perfect playmate for his aging golden retriever would be at the park at the same time as him. With the app, dog owners can ensure their doggies have someone to play with. They can match with the perfect owners and playmates for their dogs, to set up the ideal doggy dates. 

Social discovery apps are all about allowing like minded people who share an interest to find each other and make connections. So many people bond over dog ownership. With more dog owners than ever here in the UK, thanks to the pandemic response – it could be the perfect app to help those people find not just new friends for the dog, but new friends in their neighborhood. 

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