Mandy Ginsberg’s Recode Podcast Transcript Released

The transcript of Match Group CEO Mandy Ginsberg’s interview with Kurt Wagner on the Recode Decode podcast has been released.

A portion of the interview was dedicated to Facebook Dating. Ginsberg retold the story of when she found out about the announcement and her reaction to the resulting share price drop.

Despite the initial drop in price, Match Group ended up having a positive earnings call. Ginsberg said: “We actually took a hit right with our earnings call – but over the last month or so, we were able to gain some ground.

“I think that the arguments we laid out and also that some of the investors, the analysts, have gone out there which makes people feel a little bit more confident in our ability to continue to drive growth.”

Ginsberg went on to lay out some arguments about why Match would continue to be strong in the market, and that was mainly due to Facebook’s chequered history surrounding data and privacy.

She said that Match Group “were surprised at the timing and just how, given the climate now, it felt like it was an odd time to introduce something that could create real concerns for consumers.”

The interview progressed onto the topic of Tinder. Ginsberg believes that the brand has to stay young.

“Every person who’s 18, 19, 20 should be on Tinder. The reason they’re on Tinder is because it [is] gamified. It makes it fun.

“At the expense of alienating older users, we’ve got to stay young and highly relevant to that core audience.

“We can’t have what happened to other brands happen to our brand, which is ‘Ew, my older sibling uses it. My dad uses it. My mom uses it.’”

Finally, they spoke about Bumble and the recent lawsuits that were exchanged between the two parties. Despite the hostilities, Ginsberg admitted that she has respect for Bumble Founder and CEO Whitney Wolfe Herd.

Ginsberg explained: “I think really highly of Whitney, and I have stayed in touch with her. And I think she’s great. There’s not been a lot of women in the category. So it’s nice to see. And I think that, given what she’s done with this brand, she’s done a really nice job.”

Listen to the full podcast here.


Dominic Whitlock

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