Match Group Americas CEO Mandy Ginsberg Talks Video, Expansion & Search Algorithms

Mandy Ginsberg

The CEO of Match Group Americas, Mandy Ginsberg, recently sat down for an interview about running the online dating leader.

The interview was featured on CEO, a show run on Kera, a PBS station for North Texas, which features chief executives from the corporate and not-for-profit sectors.

The show aims to explore “what it takes to make a company successful in today’s global marketplace, asking questions about leadership style and ethics.”

On the interview, Ginsberg first takes host Lee Cullum on a tour of the company’s Dallas office, before speaking about how the dating business has grown since she joined the company 10 years ago.

Ginsberg also speaks about the company’s South America operation – her title having changed from North America CEO to Americas CEO – and how one of her first moves as CEO was to shore up and improve Match’s search algorithm.

She also talks about the difficulty that dating sites have in predicting who people will fall for, as often what people say they want does not align with who they actually contact on dating services – and how she believes the introduction of video can improve this issue.

Watch the video here.