Match Group Stock Price Behind Market Return

The stock price of Match Group has fallen behind that of the average market return. Match Group’s stock price is currently down by 20%, compared to the average market return of 15% over the same one year period.

In shorter term, Match Group’s share price has dropped 23% in the last three months.

According to Simply Wall Street, ‘Match Group reported an EPS (earning per share) drop of 12% for the last year. The share price decline of 20% is actually more than the EPS drop. So it seems the market was too confident about the business, a year ago. Of course, with a P/E ratio of 61.12, the market remains optimistic.’

In the past six months, Match Group’s share price has fallen from 153.33 USD in July 2021 to 116.55 USD now in January 2022, representing a 23.99% decline. Over the last six months, it peaked in October 2021 at 175.53 USD, but has steadily declined since then.