Match Group’s Ship No Longer Available

Dating app Ship, created in a partnership between Match Group and Betches Media, is no longer available according to its website. The dating app was launched in 2019, aiming to get a user’s friends more involved in their dating experience.

Visiting Ship’s website today, explorers of the site are greeted with the banner “As of September 30, 2022, Ship is no longer available. For questions or concerns, please contact us.” 

According to Forbes, the origins of Ship began when Betches Media sat down with then-CEO of Match Group, Mandy Ginsberg. They discussed and agreed how female friendship plays a key role in how women date.

The app would then be a partnership, utilising Betches’ understanding of trends and dating, with the Match Group providing tech and app experience.

“We believe that by letting friends play matchmaker and chat with each other in one dating app, Ship will make dating a much more fun and rewarding experience”, the co-founders of Betches Media told Forbes in 2019.