muzmatch Releases Nude Image Detection Filter

muzmatch has launched an obscenity detection feature, in an attempt to reduce nudity and obscene images on the platform.

The new feature was developed through the use of algorithms and user feedback, which is capable of detecting all forms of inappropriate imagery, from nudity to anime porn.

The filter labels inappropriate images as “haram”, and automatically presents a warning to the recipient that it may contain harmful content. 

muzmatch felt it was imperative that enabling image sharing on the platform must only be possible as long as there is a way to automatically identify potentially obscene content.

It also wants to continue offering image sharing so users are inclined to stay on the platform, which reduces the risks of falling victim to romance scams.

Shahzad Younas, Founder & CEO of muzmatch, said in a statement: “When compared to more mainstream dating apps, the focus at muzmatch is ensuring a wholesome experience for members during their search for a life partner in a manner that respects their faith”

muzmatch introduced video calling at the end of May to help users stay connected from the safety of their own homes.

Visit the muzmatch website here.