New Book Hopes to Help Singles Navigate Online Dating World


‘’Discovering Love Online: Love May be Closer Than You Think’ is a new book hoping to assist singles as they date online.

The book is authored by Chuck Miller, a former singles ministry director and experienced journalist / editor.

It will cover the online dating process from start to finish, and draws heavily on the author Miller’s own successful experiences of dating online.

The book is targeted at daters looking for meaningful relationships, and nests itself in a Christian, monogamous worldview (though the advice is said to apply to people of all backgrounds).

It covers a broad range of topics relevant to online dating beginners, including the preparation of profiles, selection of dating services and safety tips.

How novices should go about selecting a match, communicating online and avoiding “the jitters” in person is also considered.

Further, the book seeks to help readers in “identifying the differences between love, infatuation and desperation, dealing with rejection and waiting, and determining if a partner passes the “Litmus Test” for a lasting commitment.”

It is published by Propellor Cap LLC, an independent publisher launched by Miller in early 2017.

The book is available now on Kindle, and will be available in paperback next month.

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