New Dating Startup at the University of Illinois

Mysterious posters advertising jobs for a new social app are popping up around the University of Illinois’ campus. The app, its name still a secret, looks to change the dating game by giving users a time, place and person to go on a date with. 

Looking to launch around the end of November 2022, the app is looking to set itself apart in the dating market as “right now, just about any dating app is more of a matching app” co-founder Sathwik Reddy told The Daily Illini.

With research showing that not all matches lead to meetups, Reddy explains this due to lack of user experience, differing motivations, and poor profile engagement. His theory is that some apps, dating platforms included, are designed to keep users on there.

To break from this trend, the app under development looks to use a different UI/UX system to get people outside and on dates. 

The startup formed from the University’s iVenture Accelerator, which helps support student startups. The program has interacted with over 300 student entrepreneurs and hosts over 50 startups.