Meet Positives CEO Responds to STD Dating Criticism

Meet Positives, a dating platform for singles who live with a sexually transmitted disease (STD), has faced criticism for being exclusionary. However Jack Lombardi, CEO of the website, has responded.

Concerns have been raised that the app divides singles with STDs from the wider dating pool, implying they’re not worthy of dating within the general population. However the experiences of Meet Positives members demonstrate otherwise, Lombardi shares.

Many STD positive singles face heartbreak after having to break the news about their medical condition to potential matches in the general population. This includes facing guilt over passing viruses on, even in asymptomatic cases. The STD positive demographic also face exclusion and stigma on broader apps, he points out.

Other criticism suggests that at worst, the platform is profiting from the medical conditions of STD positive people. Michael Task, a representative of the platform, acknowledges that this may be the case for similar apps, but not for Meet Positive.

This is because Meet Positive looks to provide an accepting community, where people gain comfort in knowing their problems aren’t unique. It also ensures that users’ data is secure, by not selling or disclosing information to websites that want to sell its products, he shares.