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Startup Roundup – 7th October

GDI is constantly on the lookout for new players in the online dating market, disruptive business models and innovative technologies. Make sure you catch the Startup Roundup every Friday by following us on Facebook and Twitter.

  1. AntiLand – Anonymous Chat Rooms, Meet New People: The platform boasts over 1000 group chatrooms in 32 international languages for learning and interracial dating.
  2. Victoria – Experience. Indulge. Belong: Discover a like-minded network and explore the world of art, fashion, music, film, and culture.
  3. Viola.AI – Your Lifelong AI Love Advisor: Still in development, this startup looks to combine AI and blockchain to level up users’ love lives.

In Case You Missed It! Here’s last week’s Startup Roundup:

  1. Kiki – Meet Like-Minded Real People: The world’s first social network that limits users’ virtual time and promotes Real World Experiences.
  2. KindraConnect – Calling Creatives, FreeSpirits & Weirdos: Bringing together people who share the values of authenticity, kindness, community, creativity, play, and personal growth.
  3. CarpeDM – Seize The Dating: Washington D.C.’s most exclusive member-only dating community created for singles seeking meaningful relationships with professional Black women.
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