New Partnerships to Expand and Secure VR Dating

Planet Theta, a VR dating app that facilitates connections in the metaverse, has partnered with HyperSphere, a data protection company. The dating platform says the partnership will “create the most secure dating app ever to exist”.

Additionally, Planet Theta is partnering with Live CGI, an expert in streaming and gaming technology. The combination of these organisations looks to add new and secure features to Planet Theta.

Firstly, Live CGI will supply the technology for Planet Theta users to save important moments in the metaverse, for example a first date or a first kiss. Secondly, HyperSphere will use its data protection tools, which are immune to even quantum computing, to secure these moments.

“The importance of saving and protecting your most cherished memories and information is the bedrock of today’s partnership between Planet Theta, HyperSphere, and Live CGI” says Chris Crew, CEO of Planet Theta.

“We are incredibly honoured to partner with Planet Theta to protect their users’ personally identifiable information in the Metaverse. Cyber threats are devastating” said James DeCesare, CEO of HyperSphere Technologies.

“We are very excited about the opportunity to partner with both HyperSphere and Planet Theta. The personal commitment both teams have to safety, security, and positive experiences is what everyone should come to expect” said Marc Rowley, CEO of Live CGI.

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