New Project Reveals How India Really Feels About Tinder


A new project by writer and illustrator Indu Harikumar looks at how India really feels about Tinder.

There are now over 14m swipes on Tinder every day in the country, and it is emerging as one of Tinder’s key markets for the company’s future, the app growing by 400% last year.

And despite being a culture that is typically more closed off when talking about love and sex, Harukimar’s new research sees her asks Indian men and women to disclose their experiences on Tinder.

In a recent article with Vice, the writer spoke about the differences between using the app in the Western world to places like India, saying: “When a Western man asks me for sex on Tinder, I usually say, ‘I don’t hook up’.

“With Indian men, they don’t even ask me that question. They have already made an assumption about me [that I am there for sex]. I then get defensive and ‘unmatch’.”

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