New Research Finds Americans Would Rather Give Out Personal Details To The Internet Rather Than New Lovers

New research has revealed that Americans are much more likely to give out their personal details to the internet rather than a new lover.

The survey, which was conducted by encryption experts Echoworx, surveyed a total of 2,000 people across the country.

The research discovered that it took someone an average of 20 seconds to determine if an email in their inbox was safe or not.

It also takes an average of 28 seconds to decide whether an online form is safe to put personal information into.

When it comes to partners, Americans said they needed an average of two and a half dates before they are comfortable enough to reveal their full name, and it takes an average of four dates before they are willing to disclose their date of birth.

It even takes an average of six dates for someone to reveal their home address, and six and a half to discuss salaries with their date.

When people speak to the doctor, it was discovered that 38% have sent personal information to their healthcare provider online, 35% have sent sensitive personal information to a banker, and 25% have emailed personal identifiable information to a government official.

A spokesperson for Echoworx said: “It’s interesting that we are more willing to spread out personal information across the web than we are to divulge facts to a person we are personally getting to know.

“It’s not that it should be the opposite, but when it comes to things like your social security number and banking details being shared over online channels, it’s necessary to take care.”

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