New Study Shows In-App Transactions Jumped 46% in 2017


According to a study by ad tech firm Criteo, marketers around the globe have seen a 46% jump in in-app transactions last year as shoppers continued to migrate toward mobile shopping platforms.

Apps are playing a big role in driving mobile shopping, with retailers trying trying to improve the quality of their apps tailored to mobile instead of transferring their website into an app format.

Apple Pay has also increased in growth to give shoppers an easier access to store payment information to ease online mobile purchases.

Criteo’s study discovered that shoppers are more likely to use mobile apps than the mobile web for transactions they wish to make online.

Criteo also found out that omnichannel customers are offering the greatest lifetime value to brands. They apparently generate 27% of all sales despite representing just 7% of customers.

Average order values are also 17% higher on average. This is true for shoppers who experienced cross-device marketing within the health/beauty, fashion/luxury and high-tech categories.

Retailers are starting to target customers whilst they are sat at their desks during business hours, and are mindful of the surge in desktop during teatime (eg. between 9am and noon).

Desktop usage is still dominant during working hours as people can use company computers to make their transactions.

Optimising for smartphone and tablets targeting is said to be more important in the evenings and the weekends, as consumers have more free time in around these periods.

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Chloe Gay

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