New Wearable Product Saucypants Guides Singles Towards Matches With Vibrating Pants


A new wearable product from dm³ LTD aims to “make online dating more stimulating” by guiding singles towards matches offline using vibrating underwear.

Called Saucypants, the new product links to a companion dating app, and helps to guide singles towards matches in real life.

The underwear is laced with pads containing a liquid magnetic material, that forms a vibrating sensation when current is applied.

For men, this material is placed in three “vibrational zones” which are used to guide them forwards, left or right, and for women it is placed in one area to tell them how near to a match they are.

Founder and director of dm³, David Minns, said: “Saucypants are an alternative to standard dating apps. Men and women wear the pants when out and connect them to their dating app.

“The male pants have 3 vibration pads, to guide him, left, right and forwards. The female pants have a single vibrating pad that tells her how close a match is.

“When a couple meet up they are fully warmed up and ready for what ever happens next. Saucypants really do make online dating more stimulating!”

The Saucypants website explains that the wearables contain liquid pads and a power connection, everything else is done from the user’s smartphone – which provides power, GPS, mapping information and dating preferences.

Saucypants cost £17.95 for men and £13.95 for women, and the first 250 people to place an order will receive a 50% discount.

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