New Website Launches To Bring Together Dating Apps & Public Health Experts


A new website has been created with the aim of helping to improve the health and experiences of gay men on online dating apps.

The website is from Building Healthy Online Communities (BHOC), a consortium of public health leaders and gay dating site and app owners who are working together to support HIV and STI prevention online.

The consortium was co-founded by Dab Wohlfeiler and Jen Hecht in 2014, who have over 40 years combined experience in HIV and STD prevention.

And now the BHOC has launched a brand new website with the goal of providing a “central, go-to source for information and resources”  for dating services looking to promote good health advice amongst their users.

The site wants to help improve and streamline the interactions between dating apps and public health organisations, helping health experts share information and better coordinate their efforts.

As the site’s About Us says: “This website will help you to effectively, efficiently, and at the lowest cost possible, take a more active role in transforming the way we approach sex ed and promote gay, bi and trans men’s health.

“Implementing strategies for your users to share personal sexual health preferences with each other, getting information into the hands of your users, and building a supportive and friendly online community will create a better user experience and keep your users healthy.”

Speaking about the website, co-founder Dan Wohlfeiler said: “If app owners and public health can work together to create environments where app users can get good sexual health information and make informed decisions about their sexual health, everyone benefits.

“We also want men to have medically accurate, user-friendly information. And we want to do that by meeting people where they are.”

The newly-launched website offers HIV and STI educators the best tips and information on how to reach app users with good sexual health information.

It also includes best practice guides on how to buy ads online and design an outreach worker profile appropriate for a dating app, while also containing links and information about existing ad campaigns from dating apps and online sites.

Co-founder Hecht said: “App and website owners didn’t know which requests to accommodate, and which strategies made sense. Many expressed feeling overwhelmed by the number of inquiries they were receiving from different health departments.

“Additionally, community organisations and health departments didn’t have an easy way to share information about which interventions and ad campaigns were successful, or how to implement different HIV and STI prevention messaging or campaigns on apps.”

Check out the website here.