OkCupid Connected Attendees At Pitchfork Music Festival With Polaroid Pop-Up

OkCupid Pitchfork

Earlier this month, Chicago hosted the Pitchfork Music Festival, a three day music festival in Union Park.

And dating platform OkCupid decided to use the festival as a branding opportunity, creating a clever pop-up booth to help connect festival-goers together.

OkCupid’s “Feel Good Tent” let attendees take polaroids of themselves and pin them to a large board with five different categories on it – Deal Breakers, Deal Makers, Hit Me Up If, You’ll Find Me Front Row At, and I Can’t Live Without.

OkCupid Pitchfork

As OkCupid explained in a blog, passers-by took polaroids then posted them on the board of their choice, along with an answer to the prompt, “creating one large dating profile of, well, the collective Pitchfork attendees.”

The company said: “And that’s where the magic happened — people not only posted honest answers to the prompts, but added their social handles for a more personal connection.”

The booth was created in collaboration with Chicago-based “relationship architects” Pro-Ject.

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