OkCupid Explores Indian Millennials’ Attitudes to Marriage

A survey from OkCupid has found that Indian millennials don’t think marriage is necessary for a serious relationship to be classed as a successful or happy one.

The dating app questioned more than 86,000 25-35 year olds. Around 68% of the respondents didn’t feel like they would have to get married when they find the person they want to spend the rest of their life with.

Further, just under 90% would be open to having a serious relationship if their partner couldn’t have children.

The study was carried out after the launch of OkCupid’s first complete marketing campaign in India, ‘Find My Kind’. The promotion intends to encourage singles to take control of their own romantic experience and date the people they want to, rather than being told who to be with by family and friends.

69% of men and 56% of women preferred to use online dating to meet a partner over being set up.

A statement from an OkCupid spokesperson said: “Instead of being told what to do, or having other people choose for them, young, single Indians want to make their own choices based on the connection they share with a person. 

“They are in no hurry to ‘settle down’ or ‘compromise’ until they feel comfortable with their choice. As the first generation of Indians to seek financial independence over marriage, and having access to ideas and opportunities without the limitations of geography, Indian millennials have a clear idea of who they are and what they want from life.”

In an interview with GDI earlier this month, CMO Melissa Hobley explained that OkCupid is seeing “massive growth” in India and that the brand wants to continue to offer a modern alternative to traditional matrimonial listings.

Another survey from the dating app in June showed that a majority of young Indians support same-sex marriage.

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Dominic Whitlock

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