OkCupid Founders Launch Encryption Project ‘Keybase’

Maxwell Krohn and Chris Coyne, two of the co-founders of OkCupid, have launched a new security-focused venture titled ‘Keybase’.

The platform is focused on securing user data via end-to-end encryption. It can be used to protect both messages and files, and has the potential for applications in the world of cryptocurrency.

Speaking to the website MIT Alumni, Krohn said: “Maybe it isn’t such a rosy future to be storing people’s deepest, darkest secrets on all of these databases and hoping all of these system administrators get it right.

“There is a lot of great theoretical work around cryptography, and then there is the way people act day to day, and there is a pretty big gap between them.

“(…) It’s a core infrastructure that can be used in millions of cases,” Krohn added, “so that in the future, people can own their own data and own their own cryptographic keys to access that data.”

The pair sold OkCupid in 2011, after helping to pioneer the platform’s questions bank and compatibility algorithm. 

The Match Group brand is currently making significant progress in India, running multiple campaigns in collaboration with local influencers.

Earlier this month, its all-female comedy tour in the region drew to a close. The shows featured six leading female comedians, including Urooj Ashfaq, Prashati Singh and Shreeja Chaturvedi.

The company is also targeting expansion in the Middle East, where it will complement Match’s recent acquisition Harmonica.

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