OkCupid Offers Over 60 New Identity Options For LGBTQ Users

OkCupid has introduced an expanded list of over 60 new options to help its LGBTQ users express who they are and how they identify.

This announcement was made in celebration of Pride Month, and every user is due to have access to all identities by the end of June. They can also filter other profiles by their identities so they make sure they find their most compatible matches.

Some of the new available options include ‘Top’, ‘Femme’, ‘Bear’, ‘Otter’, ‘Twink’, ‘Drag Queen’ and ‘Versatlie’.

The identities were developed in collaboration with the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), the biggest LGBTQ advocacy group in the US, to ensure all members across the spectrum are appropriately represented. OkCupid is encouraging its community to make a donation to HRC and join the fight against inequality.

Jay Brown, HRC Senior Vice President, Programs, Research & Training, said in a statement: “Safety and inclusivity on dating apps is important not only during Pride, but all year round.

“Allowing users to select from such a wide array of identity options will make many LGBTQ+ users feel more welcome on OkCupid, and will allow them to use the platform in a more authentic way.”

The dating app is very vocal in its support of LGBTQ rights and has introduced a number of features that make it easier for users to be their true selves.

This includes a pronoun option which daters could use to clearly show their preferred pronouns on their profiles. According to company data, over two million users of every sexuality have done this in the past three years.

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