OkCupid Introduces New Pronoun Feature for LGBTQ Members

OkCupid has a new dedicated place on its profiles for members of the LGBTQ community to display their preferred pronouns.

The new feature is part of a collaboration with GLAAD, to promote LGBTQ acceptence and make sure that users can accurately represent themselves with their pronouns.

As of yesterday (10th September), OkCupid users can choose to be referred to as he/him, she/her or them/they.

The update was designed by Rowan Rosenthal, an employee at OkCupid. They explained the feature to Benzinga by saying: “As a gender non-conforming person, I wanted to ensure the product that I work on everyday empowers the LGBTQIA+ community.”

Melissa Hobley, CMO of OkCupid, said on Benzinga: “We’re proud that OkCupid is the first leading dating app to empower daters to prominently share their pronouns. The most beautiful, meaningful and rewarding connections are formed when people are able to identify and are celebrated as their authentic selves.”

Grindr added new pronoun options for users at the end of 2017. However, it is believed that OkCupid is the first leading dating site, that is also available to heterosexuals, to provide an  update like this.

OkCupid has a history of trying to make its dating app a more welcoming space for non-heterosexual people. Since 2014, members can choose from 13 sexual orientations and 22 gender options.

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