OkCupid Users Inform TechCrunch of Potential Data Breach

OkCupid users have been contacting TechCrunch to draw attention to issues surrounding account security.

One user says his account was hacked, with the attacker changing his email address and preventing him from using password reset.

He was told by OKC: “Unfortunately, we’re not able to provide any details about accounts not connected to your email address”.

Other users, contacted by TechCrunch, were able to recover their accounts with varying degrees of ease. 

Some, however, were confused as to how their passwords might have been acquired. In cases where a certain user password was only used for OKC, a data breach is one possibility.

A company spokesperson denied this was the case, saying: “All websites constantly experience account takeover attempts. There has been no increase in account takeovers on OkCupid.”

Last week, a security vulnerability on GBTQ dating app Jack’d was made public by white hat hackers. 

Mark Girolamo, CEO & CFO at Online-Buddies, told GDI“Our tech team is aware of the photo vulnerability and has already programmed the changes for this fix. They will deploy the fix this Thursday, February 7.”

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Scott Harvey

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