Is The Online App ‘Bracket’ The New Fun Way To Date?

When you were in school, you and your friends never took dating seriously. Never at that age. Your crush could change from different people in your class every week. You seemed to treat dating like a game.

However, a new dating app called “Bracket” is treating dating exactly the same!

The online dating app “Bracket” launched in Spring this year. It was first launched in Dallas (where it was founded), but you can use it anywhere across the United States. The app eliminates the endless profiles and brings fun back to dating apps.


“Bracket” Dating believe that dating should be fun and so should the app that helps you find that special person. After making your profile, the app matches you with 16 other app users every day, using the preferences that you first listed when making your profile. You are still able to edit these if you wish, don’t worry. You then narrow down your bracket with a head-to-head dating tournament throughout the day. Very different to most apps, right? ‘Bracket’ do this as they want to inspire and encourage women to make the first move in all aspects of their lives.

Eventually, by doing this it is left to who is the one true winner, and then you are able to chat with each other – like a normal dating app. This is for two users to get off dating apps (even “Bracket”) and find a meaningful and ‘winning’ match.


Founder, Whitney Linscott told “Elite Daily“: “What’s better than winning? On Bracket, you always feel like a winner. Whether you’ve been chosen as a winner for another user’s bracket, or you get a chat back from your own bracket winner of the day, it feels great knowing impersonal, unconscious swiping was not involved. I created Bracket to make mobile dating fun again!”

So, how does the preferences work on this app? The app lets you include things about yourself including age, gender, and location. You can also answer extra questions that gives you the chance to increase your “likeability”. These can include more personal but fun questions, such as “If you were a part of a sitcom family, which would you choose and why?”

The app then matches you with daters by having users randomly review and rate other daters’ profiles during their tournaments, in order to meet their perfect match.

Even more features, include having a “wildcard” option a day by having a “tempting new user within the tournament bracket” – the app creators state. Meaning you can change your opponent if you wish, at anytime!

“Bracket” is completely free to use, and it even comes with one bracket. But if you are wanting more, you are able to make a one-time purchase of $0.99 to add an extra bracket for the day, to enjoy yourself more. However, if you’re itching for even more you have the chance to pay $4.99 a month for two brackets a day, no time barriers, and the opportunity to chat with the top two picks in each bracket – to help you find the person you’ve always been looking for.

Bracket Dating App is now available on the App Store! Download today to get your first bracket.