Introducing Hinge’s New Video Feature


As we all know, video is starting to take over the online dating industry, and Hinge is starting to lead the change.

Last week Hinge announced that users of the app will be able to add clips to your online profile. You will be able to access these from your camera roll on your mobile phone or your Facebook or Instagram accounts.

Justin McLeod, Hinge’s CEO, told Mashable that they’ve taken the big video plunge because he believes that “it adds more texture to profiles, so people can really have a good sense of you.” McLeod believes that there is simply nothing better than other people being able to see as much of you as they can, as it may attract them to you even more.

However, Hinge are not the first to take the ‘video plunge’ as other well-known online dating apps are also looking to go in the same direction. Match announced last week that it is in the process of launching ‘Stories‘, which enables their users to stitch together videos, photos, and also voice to tell people more about yourself. Also, back in January, Bumble announced they had decided to disappear snaps, but it has become unknown as to when this feature will become available to their users.

This means, Hinge are the first to actually add the feature!

Hinge video
McLeod continued to state that they had preferred to go for this very low-stress approach because they wanted it to be very easy and simple for their users. They wanted to do this instead of ending up with something infamous or creepy direct-to-camera video profiles, that are more likely to cause issues. He said, “What we’re trying to do is create a way to share that feels natural. It’s an extension of how they’re already communicating.”

Hinge are looking to pull off the “one-to-one, intimate communication” as an ice-breaker and a way to get to know someone. They are trying to position themselves as a place for finding serious relationships, and with this new feature it is bound to work.

This is certain as Hinge are already growing by 20 percent month after month and creating 15,000 dates a week!