Paktor Releases Set Of Online Dating Insights On Fourth Anniversary

In celebration of Asia’s leading dating app Paktor turning four this month, the company has shared some trends and insights they have discovered about online dating since launching four years ago.

Established in Singapore back in 2013, Paktor Group has expanded to be one of the biggest dating groups in the world, now owning a portfolio of dating products that include Paktor, Down, Sweet, Goodnight, Kickoff.

In April, after buying a controlling stake in Taiwan live streaming company 17 Media the year before, the company also announced plans to merge the two companies together to create parent company M17.

Below are some collected highlights from Paktor’s trend report.

  • 40% of conversations are initiated by female users – According to Paktor’s stats, this is the percentage of women who initiate conversation with the users they are interested in. A further 29% of female users initiate a conversation, but only if the guy fails to do so.
  • The average time taken to go from online to offline dating is two weeks – According to Paktor’s data, it generally takes two weeks until users meet up for their first date.
  • A half-naked selfie makes the rate of matching go down, not up – Paktor found out that 73% of female users feel that these selfies have hidden meanings, and do not appreciate them.
  • In five minutes, men will swipe 45 times and women will swipe 38 times on average.
  • 60% of couples who have matched together have an age gap of 4 years or less – Regardless of gender, Paktor’s users seem to believe a close age gap is important, due to a fear of having different values and there being communication barriers.

Read the full list here.