ExoClick Now Serves Over 6bn Impressions Every Day

ExoClick has announced it is now serving over 6bn impressions every day.

The company now also serves over 182bn impressions every month, up from 165bn earlier this year.

The Barcelona business, which was founded by CEO Benjamin Fonzé in 2006, delivers these ads for a global network of around 65,000 publishers.

Speaking about its growth this year, ExoClick CEO & founder Benjamin Fonzé said: “We have added many new platform updates this year that have helped push ExoClick through the 6 billion impressions barrier.

“Some of our innovations include our highly successful Native ad format which is going from strength to strength along with our pre-roll in-stream video ad format.

“We introduced programmatic advertising with our RTB engine in January which allows advertisers to automate their bidding and integrate their own optimisation software and algorithms in order to improve their ROI.

“Additionally we have added many more publishing sites to our ever expanding global network which has given our advertisers even more opportunities to reach their target audiences and drive conversions for their offers.”

The CEO also said the company has some exciting projects it will be launching soon.

This comes after the business added a native advertising format to its platform in March and an iOS version of its Admin Panel app.

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