Programmatic Audio Creates New Opportunities for Marketers

A new conversation between Viber’s Chief Revenue Officer Cristina Constandache and marketing magazine The Drum has explored the expanding world of programmatic audio advertising. 

Programmatic audio is “definitely a next natural frontier”, according to Constandache, who argues that the increase in appetite for podcasts, music streaming services and smart speakers has created a huge opportunity.

Consumers can be particularly resistant to audio ads, however, finding them intrusive and paying a premium to avoid them. This is one challenge which may be slowing the implementation of programmatic.

Another challenge is one of brand safety. It can be difficult to identify advertiser-appropriate content using AI, and many critics emerge when a decision to demonetise audio impacts popular creators.

A third issue is tracking conversions. At present, there are few options that offer all parties involved full transparency. A common approach is to have the podcast host read a custom URL.

Each of these hurdles can be overcome, however. The CRO feels that: “from an advertising perspective, it makes tons of sense to [serve audio] programmatically.” 

She goes as far as to say programmatic technology will likely be seen in traditional broadcast media soon.

The prevalence of Smart TVs is a first step in this direction, but “it’s just going to take a lot more time to work through the kinks and challenges of creating a working system that is also extremely regulated.”

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